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The Advisory Board of Mission includes: (i) eminent European scientists that are distinguished members of the international community in the field of Materials Science, Environmental Catalysis and Analytical Chemistry and having relations with IGIC, and (ii) leading Bulgarian scientists and public persons. The scientific officer of the European Commission for the project will also be invited. The role of the Advisory Board will be to oversee and monitor the entire work programme and execution of the project.    

The members of the Advisory Board (in alphabetic order) are:  

1.Professor Freddy Adams, Antwerp, Belgium, Professor Emeritus of the University of Antwerp, Honorary Rector of the Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen, Member of the Editorial Boards of Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, Analytica Chimica Acta, Mikrochimica Acta, a.o.  

2.Professor Guido Busca, Genova, Italy, National Co-ordinator of Interdivision Catalysis Group, Member of the Editorial Boards of Applied Catalysis, A: General a.o.  

3.Professor Mitko Dimitrov, Director of the Institute of Economy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.  

4.Professor Sava Djonev, University of Sofia, Department of Social, Working and Educational Psychology, President of the National Scientific Council of Psychology.  

5.Professor Jean Etourneau, Bordeaux, France, Instutute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of CNRS and University of Bordeaux 1, Coordinator of the FP6 Network of Excellence FAME, Member of the Advisory Board of the National Institute of Materials Science in Japan, Member of the Editorial Boards of Journal of Materials Chemistry, Journal of Alloys & Compounds, Materials Science & Engineering B. a.o.  

6.Professor Hartmut Fuess, Darmstadt, Germany, Director of the Institute of Materials Science, Darmstadt University of Technology.  

7.Professor Agustin R. Gonzales-Elipe, Sevilla, Spain, Director of the Institute of Materials Science in Sevilla, CSIC.  

8.Mr. Petar Karaboev, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Dnevnik”, one of the most influential Bulgarian daily business newspapers.  

9.Professor Helmut Knözinger, München, Germany, former President of the International Congress of Catalysis, Editor of Advances in Catalysis, Member of the Editorial Boards of Applied Catalysis A: General, Current Opinions in Solid State and Materials Science, Topics in Catalysis, a.o.  

10.Professor Carlos Miravitlles, Barcelona, Spain, Director of the Institute of Materials Science in Barcelona, CSIC, Chairman of the Spanish Crystallographic Committee.    

11.Professor Nikola Sabotinov, Vicepresident and member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.  

12.Professor Jose Maria Sanz, Madrid, Spain, Vicerector of the Infrastructure and Technology Promotion, Autonomous University of Madrid.  

13.Professor Zdravko Stoynov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Director of the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Coordinator of the FP5 Centre of Excellence “Portable and Emergency Energy Sources”.  

14.Dr. Philip Taylor, Geel, Belgium, Leader Metrology in Chemistry Support Programme for EU New Member States & Candidate Countries, Unit Head Isotope Measurements, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, European Commission-Joint Research Centre.  

15.Professor Dimitar Tsalev, Corresponding member of BAS, Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Sofia.